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Many of you have asked about the namesake of Ellicott & Company, so I thought I'd share a little background history with you.

Andrew Ellicott was a renowned surveyor, town planner and adventurer who was a prominent figure in Lancaster's history. His reputation for outstanding accuracy, as well as personal integrity, earned him the opportunity to work under George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

In 1792 he laid out the final plan for the city of Washington, D.C. Later in 1796, George Washington commissioned Ellicott as the U.S. representative on the commission for the survey of the border between the Spanish territories in Florida. “Ellicott’s Line” survives to this day, running along latitude 31°N, and still defines the border between Alabama and Florida. In 1801, Ellicott accepted a position as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Land Office and moved his family to Lancaster, where they lived for the next 12 years. While in Lancaster, Ellicott served as a mentor, teacher and outfitter for Meriwether Lewis in preparation for the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Pacific Northwest. From April to May 1803, Lewis stayed at Ellicott's home in Lancaster and studied survey techniques.

Ellicott’s home still stands in downtown Lancaster, located at 123 North Prince Street.

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